Christmas Time A Song Of Peace

Every Snowflake is unique. The number of snowflakes that have ever fallen throughout history is incomprehensible. No two in nature have ever been found to be identical. So treasure the world around you and know that we are all unique. We can learn from leaves on a tree, there is no enmity between.

Snowflake | Beautiful Instrumental | Relaxing Spiritual Piano Music

Music Created by Anthony Phillip Ballog, BMI Affiliate.
Music is © 2018 and all rights are reserved.
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Music is protected by Copyright Law! DO NOT reproduce, reuse, distribute or copy without express written consent.


Please do not copy or reuse my video adaptations or artwork modifications without permission! Video was created using free images and Video stock footage from Pixabay and Pexels. For a list of footage used please e-mail by visiting my website.

Christmas Time A Song Of Peace

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