Audio Mastering | Music Production | Restoration


We can master your Audio for broadcast video and all online streaming services.


Our Goal is to make your Audio sound good no matter where it is played.

This is the main reason we have so much invested in our studio monitor systems. We do not like using the word forensic however, when applying EQ, compression, effects such as reverbs etc. Studio monitors mean the world of difference in an mixing or mastering session because a simple eq tweak could mean the world of difference.

We can master your songs for specific online streaming services such as Spotify, iTunes, Sound cloud, Google Play, YouTube videos etc. and you can send us your music from anywhere. We have provided multiple ways you can upload and send us your track. We prefer audio be sent to us in 32bit or 24bit wav format for mastering. For mixing, stem mastering we prefer the audio files at the original sample rate it was recorded at.

After your mastering approval, we can send 32bit, 24bit, 16bit versions optimized for loudness, LUFS is at your request however we can supply you with different LUFS versions to meet all your needs. When contacting us for a quote, please include your specific audio needs and goals.


For Best Audio Mastering Results

For best results on your final mix down disable your main channel stereo out compressor and limiter. Check levels for any clipping in your DAW. If there is any clipping fix it.

Our goal is to help you sound the best you possibly can.



Our monitors are world class and our Job is to use our experience and equipment to make your music sounds better. Your music will not only sound better but it will sound the same or very similar across all playback devices depending on the systems quality.

This ability to achieve correct translation is in the speaker systems we use to monitor your music. If you cannot hear the music properly with exact precision then you will never get a mix or master to translate correct!


LUFS and Audio Mastering

We like to provide you with what you are needing whether it is a Master for a CD or and online streaming service. There is no extra charge to supply you with multiple masters of the same project at different LUFS. Supplying us with an example of your favorite artist or something you may have found you like online will greatly help us to determine what to give you in return. You should have Multiple different LUFS Masters of the same Audio Material.

Never try to lower or compensate the levels of a song that was already mastered for high volume to compensate for lower LUFS requirements. You should have multiple masters at different LUFS. You should have the original audio mixdown, if not then this type of Audio work will fall into restoration.


Stem Mastering

If you would like us to stem master a song for you, please send us a copy of your finished track along with the instrument list in the recording and what tracks you have individually. We can advise you on the best way to group your tracks for the best possible end result.