Ceres | New Age Instrumental | Rock Song

Ceres is a New Age Instrumental Rock Song I created with classical piano, string orchestrations using modern keyboard controllers and USA Jackson distortion guitars. Mixed & Mastered with ATC SCM20ASL PRO MK2 Active Studio Monitors made in England and Swiss Made PSI Audio A17M Studio Monitors.

Keyboards and Samples:
Kontakt, 8DIO Strings & Choirs, Customized Boesendorfer 290 Grand Piano. VIR Harmonic, Spitfire Audio

Guitar & Bass Brands Used: USA Jackson Electric Guitars, Dean Exotica RSE Acoustics 2002 – 2007 Fender Active Jaguar Electric Bass.

DAW & Plugins: Cubase Pro 10, Shadow Hills, Softube Drawmer 1973

Music is copyright protected, please do not copy.


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