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Music 7 Arts is a valuable SEO asset for Bands, Artist, Entertainers, Actors or establishments that provide live entertainment such as bars, clubs offering live entertainment to the general public. We welcome all music stores and business related to the 7 arts to list themselves here at Music 7 Arts. The basic concept allows everyone’s listings to use networking between all major social media networking platforms. You do not need to understand SEO, you just need to understand that everything available to you on Music 7 Arts was put in place for a reason.

It is very important to understand Music 7 Arts is not a closed loop system or a replacement for your favorite social media platforms. We encourage the use of them, as they all play an important role in your websites ranking. When you list your content on Music 7 Arts correctly, you can only benefit. Especially when you link back from your website or a social media account to your main listing here, which finalizes the loop. I have been an SEO webmaster for law firms and lawyers for well over a decade. I have also been a songwriter and musician my entire life which is why I have created Music 7 Arts and entertainment directory.

Music 7 Arts does not restrict content incoming or outgoing and allows everyone to use SEO in ways other listing directories have purposely prevented.

As Music 7 arts grows normal users can search for Bands, Musicians, entertainers of all types in their area. Including live events, articles, music stores, club venues, everything associated to the Arts. Our search system with two simple clicks by selecting a city, near me, or punch in a zip code and find what you are seeking instantly. Our search system is that fast and that simple. 

All content posted remains the sole property of whom listed it. Until it is Claimed by the rightful owner. Meaning if a normal user creates a Music Store listing because they love the store the rightful owner can claim that listing. Full instructions will be listed on how to fill out the different types of listings Music 7 Arts offers. All listings and articles can be changed or updated at any time. All we ask is do not ever impersonate someone else or another business in a way to cause harm or deformation. Those found abusing the system will be banned. Other than that at Music 7 Arts you are in control.

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I have designed Music 7 Arts so the general public in the United States can easily find an lawyer, law firm or an affordable lawyer for their given area. We have made creating listings and article posts very simple, including every option to embed social media from unlimited sources. This...

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